Fall Minis and What to Wear

What should we wear? That's the common question I get asked by clients before their fall sessions. It's very common and nothing to be ashamed of asking. Here are some tips to help you plan 🙂 Location- Keep in mind where you are taking the photos. For example, for a fall scene (leaves, woods) plaid … Continue reading Fall Minis and What to Wear

Business Boost 2017

Are you feeling frustrated with your business branding and social media? Not sure how to even set up your social media accounts? Or maybe you need help figuring out how to brand yourself or  your business? If the answer is yes, guess what- you're NOT the only one! Many small business owners feel overwhelmed when … Continue reading Business Boost 2017


Hey boss girl (or guy)! If you're looking for good information, inspiration and some kick ass motivation- you've come to the right place! No negative nellies allowed here. You can come on over anytime you like for some free business related tips or to get more information on my upcoming programs and how to work … Continue reading Welcome